Owl keyhanger

At school the MOS-workgroup (MOS stands for Milieu op School, which translates as Environment at School) always organises a Christmas market. They sell mostly food and drinks and the profits go to a social project that the students choose.

They have noticed that the food doesn’t always sell so good. Most teachers hold a breakfast in their class the same day and kids are not that hungry. So for next Christmas they would love to sell handmade stuff. One of the members is my colleague Diana, who gives sewing classes in the same room as I give my crochet class. And they asked if I could provide some crochet items to sell as well.

One thing we’ll probably do is crochet flowers. Loads of girls will hopefully love those to pin on schoolbags, pencil cases or even on their clothes.
The symbol of our school is an owl and this morning I got a message containing all sort of cute owly things. One of them was an owl keyhanger, and since I had crochet class anyway, I decided to give it a go 🙂

Little owl.
Little owl.

The pattern I used only had a single “part” of the owl. But, since the eyes need to be sewed on and the beak needs to be embroidered, you could see the wires on the backside. Not good…


So, I decided to make another part, just plain blue, and adjust it to the front. I used some filling as well, to stuff it up a bit, and added a small chain of stitches, so it can be hung on a keyring.

Front with chain.
Front with chain.
And a very neat back :-)
And a very neat back 🙂

It looks great at my office, together with the previous owls I made in crochet class. I had already decided to put those up for sale at the Christmas market anyway, but I think they might get a lot of company 😉

Keeping eachother company!
Keeping eachother company!

By the way: I used the pattern from the Love The Blue Bird blog – thanks for sharing that, Laura!


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