A little companion

Normally I really enjoy my morning bikeride. I ride from home to the trainstation on a bikepath, where no motorised traffic is allowed. My usual companions along the road are cows in the meadows, squirrels and grazing bunnies.  The path runs through two nature reserves and I often spot some wild roe deer.

Today my bikeride was terrifying though. The reason was a little companion on my bike.


There is nothing I seem to fear more than spiders. It’s irrational living in Belgium. None of them are even the tiniest bit dangerous, but still. This little girl made me sweat and I could have easily passed by a whole pack of roe deer today… I wouldn’t have noticed at all. I kept my eyes on her the whole time, since she was balancing in between the cables along my steering wheel, struggling to hang on her fine thread in the wind I was causing. I was terrified she would fall down on my legg or worse – crawl on my hand and into my sleeve.


I have decided to let her stay though. If she is still there tonight, I will take her back home and put her in our garden, in between the flowers. Where I can greet her from a distance, like it should be. Though I will probably need my husband to transport her from my bike to the garden…  😉


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