Proud of the crochet class!

The second item from the crochet class is finished. I’m really proud of this one. The girl that started it, picked in much later than the rest and had to redo parts of her cover because she didn’t go straight at the end of the row (she kept forgetting the last stitch). She hung in there though, and creatively thought out her own concept for the cellphone cover, a variation on what I have. The result is very good for a first crochet item ever.

Front of her cover.
Front of her cover.

The buttons make it almost seem like a little owl (if she would add a beak, it would be complete).

While handing out constructions and trying to teach one of them how to make a magic ring, I also worked a bit on my bunny bride. I decided the dress is now long enough. On to the arms and finishing her off tonight at home!

A cute bride.
A cute bride.

In between at work I’ve been adding some new items to my pinterest page. It’s amazing how many crochet ideas I pick up on the internet… I have a ton of ideas for making new stuff!
But first: finishing of the bunny bride and groom. Then finishing of my started project for my pregnant friend (who’s due to give birth early June – time is ticking) and writing out the free pattern on that one. Afterwards I want to work on a present for my mother-in-law, who’s birthday is on June 6th… Time is really ticking! And then onto something for a colleague of mine who’s contract is ending on June30th.

Only then will I allow myself to do something else. I promise. I think. šŸ˜‰


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