The bride is finished!

This morning I finished off my bunny bride. Last night I crocheted her arms and I sewed the legs, arms and head to the body, which took me quite some time. This morning I made a rose flower for her headband.

The pattern for the bunnies gave a pattern for the rose as well, but I didn’t really like that part. My rose turned out like this:

2014-05-24 12.49.31
Not a rose at all… more a button or something like that. I scrolled around the internet for a while and found the perfect little pattern for a rose on Attic 24. Worked out great, and it was the perfect finish for the headband. I decided  not to give her a bridal bouquet, because that would mean I have to sew that to both arms for her to hold it. I’m a bit afraid the roses might come in front of her face to much – and I like her the way she is now. Febe seems to like her as well 🙂

2014-05-24 14.28.36 2014-05-24 14.30.48

On to making her husband now!



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