Furry sheep

Done! It’s the first amigurumi animal I made from two books my husband bought for me last week. He’s pretty cute, isn’t he?



9 thoughts on “Furry sheep

    1. Thanks! Amigurumi is addictive… A lot of work, but really addictive 🙂 Is your first creation viewable somewhere? Would love to see it!

      1. I’m not very happy with him after his face, lol, but you can see him on my post from yesterday 🙂

      2. He looks pretty cute to me 🙂 Dragons are on my to-do list soon… But then again, there are TONS of crochet things on my to do list. And I want to re-try knitting. And learn to sew… Oh boy!

      3. It is 🙂 I love amigurumi, but want to try clothes soon as well. A bit nervous about that 😉

      4. Well, I made a dress for the bunny bride recently – that worked out good 😉

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