Designing a luxurious diary

In the hall my starfish magnet is being tested. So far he’s doing ok 🙂

Spot him?

I want to make sure he passes the test ok, since he’s ment to be sold. In the mean time I will work out an idea for a luxurious diary I’ve had for a while. I saw a bible cover on one of my Pinterest searches, but I am not really a religious girl. I love to travel and keep a diary of our trip, so that’s how the idea started. I also want to make a kids version, because as a young girl I used to keep a diary daily.


This week a book arrived that I ordered, containing over 200 stitch patterns 🙂 Ideal to test some out now!


7 thoughts on “Designing a luxurious diary

    1. I am 🙂 It is looking good already, but I will have to pop by the store for some more yarn. Thought 50gr would be enough to cover it, but I was wrong 🙂

      1. I just got a twitter and haven’t actually used it yet, so I need some people to follow 🙂 How do I find you?

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