Still working on the diary…

I have little time to crochet in this period. Long hours at work result in less free time.
Last night our Belgian Red Devils played a late night game (kick off 22pm  our time),  so I decided to work on the diary some more.


I first managed to finish of the cover neatly. Just like when I was in school 🙂
I then wanted to crochet a bookmark for it. I saw a cool design and tried to go with that, but the end was way to wide and I wasn’t happy with the result. Tried making extra bows for it, wasn’t happy with that either… By that time it was about 23.30 and I started to realize that crochet isn’t a good idea when you are tired… Nothing seemed to work or go well. I cut the ending off (quite frustrating), tried making a flower as ending…  and wasn’t happy with that either. Did I mention it was late and I was tired?! 😉

The failed ending…

In the end I settled for a simple circle at the end. It actually looks nice, which is probably the most frustrating part: I could’ve done that in 5 minutes time…



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