I have been busy!

Lately, I have been busy. There has been work, but I’m now officially on holiday!
Summer is here, so in the evenings some outside play, walking with the dog and watering the plants. That turns out to be a lot of fun if you combine a watering hose and a toddler 🙂

Evening walk
Evening walk

I have also done some crocheting, sometimes with some interruptions by one of my cats.

Meet Mellow!
Meet Mellow!

Last weekend was quite buys, but a lot of fun. Our German friends Sandra & Tim came over and we did a little tour of Gent, focussing a bit on the graffiti in town.

Febe & work from Bue.
Febe & work from Bue.
Roa! I love his work. Did you know he is from Gent? *proud*
Roa! I love his work. Did you know he is from Gent? *proud*

So, what did I managed to finish? Well, my two crochet diaries are done. I want to make a third, but so far no inspiration…

One for mums, one for kids!
One for mums, one for kids!

Right now I’m working on the last starfish magnet (#5) and on a cover for Febes DVD player. She has a portable one and she managed to rip out the whole cover, that is supposed to support the player onto the back of my car seat, on last years trip. Since we are leaving on holiday next Sunday, I want to make a new one. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

Progress so far.
Progress so far.

I’m making it with simple sincle crochets, since they are good and thight and it’s supposed to carry the thing all the way to Germany (and in Germany as well).

On my crochet to-do list very soon:

– make a third diary cover
– make 3 baby rattlers
– make a crochet flower for in my hair (it’s summertime, I love to keep it up)
– make my contributions for the yarnbombing of the Grange Range
– make my first very large project (more about that later on!!!)

So, for the first time in my life I won’t be packing a lot of books for my holiday… but a lot of yarn 😉



  1. I love your crochet work, it is stunning. Very nice graffiti photos. My son in law is Belgian, now living her in Johannesburg, SA. They visited Belgium in December, including a visit to Gent. 🙂

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