Practical crochet work

The past few days I spent a lot of time on some practical crochet work. First, I made a cover for Febes portable dvd player.

It hangs!

It came with one when we bought it, but she ripped it apart on last years roadtrip to Sardegna. So, she had to take it on her lap all the time, resulting in it falling over all the time.

I didn’t have a pattern to work on, so I made it up as I went.

Attached to my car seat.

It will stay on my car seat when the player is not in it as well, because I don’t want to stretch the button holes to much.

Febe wanted her hand on the pic...

The strap that holds the player in place, also holds it in place when folder.
I’m really happy with how it turned out. Had to redo part of it, because I forgot the player had to be stretched out to hang up. At first I made it with the player in a 90 degrees angle, but I couldn’t hang it up that way.

First attempt.

So, I had to rip out part of it and restart a bit. Seems I always have to do so when designing on my own… 😉

Then my mum bought a smartphone and needed a cover. She wanted it to be red, so I made the base as a little red handbag.

As decoration I wanted something different than a flower, so I went with a fish.

The result.

Febe is now watching some cartoons in bed. Today I won’t pick up a crochet hook, because we are packing up for our trip to Germany. My hooks and yarn are coming along with us though!

Before I sign off, I want to share a pic from last nights walk with the dog. Dark clouds over our area!



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