Hello all! I hope you are enjoying summer as much as I am 🙂
Today I harvested the first plot of our vegetable garden – the carrots. Febe helped out a lot, harvesting and washing them.

Washing our harvest!

It was big fun! We are nowhere near getting them al ready to preserve in the freezer…  but tomorrow is another day!

Before the weekend I finished the promised yarnbombing contribution. Crochet has been slower, because I am dealing with benine paroxysmal vertigo, which is an expensive way of saying I feel really dizzy at certain days. I can’t do anything but lay down and rest when I have an attack. Hope it gets better soon! So I was glad to finish the sea creatures I promised. We mailed them out yesterday.

Sea creatures!

I also made a second version of the wedding bunnies, for a friend of my niece that is getting married. They turned out a lovely couple!


Yesterday I also started on a diaper and wipes bag in lime green. It’s coming along really nice 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll make the snail or snake that will decorate it – still doubting which one to go with (suggestions welcome!)

Love the lime colour...

To end with, I would love to share a pic I took last week on my evening walk with my dad, daughter and dog. It was taken along the river, about 5 minutes walking from our doorstep. I love living in the countryside 🙂

My girl!


  1. Your lovely sea creatures have arrived! Thank you so very much, they arrived at just the right time as I have been making a ripple pattern sea this last week and making some fishy bits too. They look absolutely fab and I cannot wait to be able to show you how great they look with all their other sea friends.

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