A winter hat for the shop!

I have been working on a second version of the crochet vase all week, in between stuff. It takes a while to finish, since it’s only sc-stitches and in a very thin yarn (3mm crochet hook) and last night I felt like I just wanted to make something that I could finish quickly. 

I saw this lovely “wrapped with love” hat pattern on Pinterest earlier this week and had some cute blue & green yarn left over from another project, so I decided to crochet a warm winter hat for Tante Theepot. The size is 4y +, so I had a model at home to show of the hat 🙂

wrapped_with_love_blogNow ofcourse, there’s still the vase to finish :-p 
Tonight I’m going to a crochet evening a friend of mine is organising. Basically it’s a bunch of women coming together to crochet, chat and eat and drink something 🙂 Should be quite relaxing! I’m going to make a winter beanie for my husband there – or at least get started on it. Saw a nice pattern on Pinterest as well. It’s going to be black with two rows of grey – I already had to convince him to let me at least differ colour a tiny bit – he wanted it all black :-p 



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