A hat for my man!

As I told you guys yesterday, I attended a crochet evening at a friends house. There were some last minute cancellations, so in the end we were with 5 women around my age (33). We crocheted, chatted about patterns, compared yarn, ate some fingerfood and talked about our kids, pregnancies and births 😉 We plan on doing this on a monthly base and I must say I’m quite looking forward to those nights already. 

I was planning on making a warm winter hat for my husband and had convinced him to not keep it all black, but add some grey. I checked out this pattern, which is a basic hat pattern and started it out as planned. The grey looked really nice in between the black, but I wasn’t happy with the border when I left the crochet evening. It just didn’t look as sturdy as in the example, which is probably because I used a different yarn. 

So, I decided to redo the edging (it turned out to be a bit too long anyway) and keep it simple by just adding a row of single crochets after the last row of double crochets in black. Turned out perfectly 🙂 It took a little sighing from the other half to let him pose for the pictures – but here they are: man & hat. Have a great Sunday! 



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