Zoo blanket

It has been a while since I made my last post. Reason for that is quite simple: schoolyear has started. This means I get to crochet, but a whole lot less than I would want to. It also means getting up at 5.50 AM each day again. And it means being tired at night and above all: after a whole day doing a lot of computer work, I don’t feel like turning on mine when I get home anymore. Lazy sundays like this are good for that. On the plan for today: finish some crochet work, work on my catalogue a bit, write some blogposts, do some work around the house and make hazelnut liquor from part of our nut harvest this year. 

But first things first: I don’t think I mentioned the zoo blanket over here before. If any of you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen a couple of posts passing by. For those who are not: here is a little update. 

I love crochet blankets when I see them. Ever since I started this new hobby, I knew I wanted to make one for on Febes bed and one for on hours. It scared me a bit though: it seems like a lot of work! 
In June I came accross the lovely zoo blanket pattern by knotyournanascrochet.com and I immediately knew I wanted to make this one for Febe! I decided to change the basic colours a bit. I’m keeping the light blue as background for the squares, the other ones are white in the back and I’m using grey as an edging colour. 

The white background.
The white background.

What I love about this pattern is that you can make one square at a time. Then do the edging. Then the appliqué. And then onto the next. So even though it is a big blanket, it feels like all kinds of little items that you can finish. Keeps my spirit up! 

Little ostrich!
Little ostrich!

I am now in about one fourth of the blanket. I want to decided on how I will join the squares next. In the pattern they are joined with a sc stitch, but that elevates the join stitch a bit. I’m not a huge fan of that – so I will try to read up on joining methods soon 🙂 

In a row :-)
In a row 🙂


    • I must say that I think he’s the cutest so far too… But there’s a hippo, lion and tiger coming up as well – so he’s going to get some competition 😉

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