A haunted headband

Fall is coming and that means chilly mornings. I bike to work. Well, that is: I bike from home to the trainstation, take a train, and bike again from the station in Gent to my school. Mornings are already quite chilly, especially here in the countryside. 
I have a ton of headbands I bought over the years, but they are all quite simple and plain in blue or black. So I wanted to crochet one, one that would match my outfit. 

I searched around on my main inspiration source (Pinterest) and fell in love by the Knotted Headband by All about Ami. So I ran to the local yarn store and bought the yarn that perfectly matches my jacket & shoes. 
And that’s where my problems began: the yarn is lighter than the  yarn the pattern uses. So I need a crochet hook of 4mm instead of 5. And I just can’t seem to get it right…

My first try made the whole thing larger than it was supposed to be:


You can see, with a fitting headband next to it – that wouldn’t have worked out at all. 
The second try made the damn thing to small. I think the main problem might be that I’m starting with a chain of stitches, and it’s hard to tell what those will do once you work in the rest of the stitches. So – when I gather some courage to restart – again – I’ll try to make a foundation stitch instead of a chain at the bottom. I wonder if that will be the solution? 
But for now… I’m stuck with this again! 

2014-08-27 23.19.47



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