Repeat crafter me: I’m a huge fan!

Since I started to crochet, I constantly search the net for new patterns, new inspiration. Pinterest is very addictive 😉 A while ago I stumbled upon Repeat Crafter Me and Sarah not only has a wonderfull collection of free patterns, the patterns are also very easy to follow and fun to do. If you don’t know her blog yet, go over there and be amazed!

The image that made me instantly fall in love with her work, was her snowman wreath. I immediately wanted to make one myself. But then I saw the fall wreath. And I decided to go for that one first, since it’s more in the season now 😉

Those of you who follow this blog, or follow me on Instagram, have seen various pictures of me making the wreath. Last weekend I was able to complete it, after about 9 hours of crochet in total. Much of it was done watching series in front of TV, which seems to be an ideal combination for me. I remember when I first started crocheting last year and I read blogs of women stating they had done some crochet in front of TV, I thought they were some kind of genious multitasking wonders, but once you get the hang of crochet, it’s actually quite easy to combine. And it stops me from falling asleep in front of the TV, something I always seem to do when I just watch 🙂

2014-10-16 20.32.47
Ready to sew on!
Sewing onto the wreath.
Sewing onto the wreath. It’s amazing how smooth the fabric goes around the wreath…
A bit of a problem...
A bit of a problem…

After sewing my whole patch onto the wreath, I discovered I was a bit short. It was a bit hard for me to know exactly when my patch would be long enough, since I couldn’t find a wreath of 35cm like was used in the pattern, and I also used thinner yarn and a smaller hook. A bit of guessing work had to be done, and I guessed wrong 🙂 It wasn’t easy crocheting the missing piece onto the already sewed on piece, but I  managed. Next up were making the pumpkins.

3 little pumpkins.
3 little pumpkins.

I was beginning to get somewhere now. The pumpkins are made in a very un-amigurumi way (they are not crocheted in the round, but you make a flat piece that you sew together and fill up), but they make a very quick pumpkin and look great.

Last Saturday the weather was amazingly good again and I was able to finish the rest of the crochet work outside in the sun. The bow had me sweating the most: not the crochet work, but making the perfect bow! It took me more than an hour to get it right the way it should look, and in the end I pinned the bow onto the wreath and sewed it together to make it stick. There’s no way I could do the bow with folding and strapping, but maybe sewing it together is how it’s meant to be? It was the only thing the pattern didn’t have an instruction on.

Little leaves around and on the pumpkins.
Little leaves around and on the pumpkins.
One bow added....
One bow added….
2014-10-19 08.40.22
Hanging proudly on our front door!

This week I’ve been working on the zoo blanket some more. Did a square on the train (well, almost, just have to do the grey edging tomorrow on the way to and from work) and I did a lion on the square I made last week on the train.


I also finished a custom order I had to make. I was asked to to the fox hat, a baby blanket (the elephant blanket I blogged about before), the elephant rattler and later I was asked to add one more hat. I didn’t have enough yarn for a second fox hat, but felt like experimenting a bit and had all I needed for a panda hat. My sister (who ordered all of this) agreed on the panda and so I got to experiment by writing up a pattern for that. Turned out really well, I’m happy with the result. I love working with this yarn (Boston – 8mm hook). It’s big, thick, warm yarn – ideal for warm winter hats!

The custom order!
The custom order!

Tonight I lined up my next crochet projects. Alongside the zoo blanket, which will keep on going for a week or 6-7 still, I’m going to make 3 more projects. At first when I started crocheting I couldn’t imagine working on more than one thing at the same time, now it’s great to have several projects and to work on whatever I feel like that day.

Yarn for project 1.
Yarn for project 1.
Yarn for project 2.
Yarn for project 2.
Yarn for project 3.
Yarn for project 3.

More on those projects will follow soon 🙂
Other than that I’ve also been thinking about opening up a little webshop to sell handmade items, normally only to Belgium. Still doubting on it though. I’ve been getting some people that know me that ask me to make something for them, and I really enjoy that a lot. A while ago I was asked to make handmade items for a little Belgian shop, but it seems that that turned out to be a hoax. I made a bunch of goods, sent them in 2 months ago and they haven’t been in touch since. So I’m not going to continue that. I was thinking on opening a little shop and only crocheting upon order, but I keep doubting. Some more thinking to be done in that department!

Next week is a holiday, and we are going to take a family break and have booked 5 days in Center Parcs. Will give me opportunity to think (and crochet a lot in the evenings).



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