Matching colours

At the end of summer, I bought a new jacket. I bike to work and do 14km daily, so a little comfort was needed. A rain – and windproof Jack Wolfskin was added to my wardrobe. It did it’s job well, even in colder weather. But: I didn’t have a matching beanie. The one I bought last year (I didn’t know how to crochet back then, seems odd now) was plain brown.
And that’s the big advantage of making it yourself: you can match colours šŸ™‚

I chose Boston yarn and a my boshi pattern (Izumi). My first go was way to big: the yarn is slightly bigger than My Boshi and I used an 8mm hook. Not what I was looking for, but I know what to make if somebody ever asks for a rastafari hat šŸ™‚


I switched to a 6mm hook and that made the hat quite thight actually. I decided to at a bit of extra rows at the end, to make sure it’s sloughy like I wanted it to be. Quite happy with it now!




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