Something frozen

As planned, after my dad’s beanie, I wanted to make something from “Frozen” for Febe. She has been watching animated movies for about a year now, and has seen her share of Disney and Pixar – but no movie quite moved her like “Frozen” did. She loves it, watches it over and over again, plays Queen Elsa – freezing us all the time, and then we can’t move – and she loves quoting Olaf.

I doubted a bit at first what to make her. I saw some great Queen Elsa hats on Pinterest – but as my dear husband and my best friend pointed out: Febe already has two handmade beanies by mum. So maybe not the best idea 😉 I also saw a lot of lovely Frozen amigurumi, and ofcourse couldn’t resist her big friend Olaf.

One Olaf-to-be!
One Olaf-to-be!

As the pattern tells you, the head is by far the most difficult part. For me, not the crochet itself, but the mouth. I really struggled with cutting out the felt in the right shape for his mouth and was stressing out – because without the right mouth, well, he doesn’t look like Olaf then, does he?

2015-01-11 20.28.51
After 4 goes, I got the mouth right 🙂

By the end of last night I had done the head, and the body. He still needed feet, arms and buttons, but I already gave him to Febe this morning. She was cuddling him in bed when I left for work and he was next to her when she was watching some TV when I got home. The best compliment you can get I guess 🙂
Tonight I finished him all up – and this is our little Olaf now!

2015-01-12 20.49.03

I’m really happy with how he turned out to be. I love making amigurumi – even more probably than I do making other crochet items. It’s just so much fun to create something 3D!

In the mean time crochet class at work has started again. I was able to purchase a lot of new yarn and today I gave the first class again. For now I have 3 girls attending. Projects in the running: a beanie, a flowerpot with plant and a heart (amigurumi as well). I’m making a donut to serve as a pincushion, because we keep loosing our tapestry needles *haha* . Pictures will follow later on 🙂



  1. Funny, i found this same pattern on pinterest last week and will be starting it over the weekend. I’m a bit doubtful, myself. You did a wonderful job! I’m glad your little one loves it. 😄

      • Thanks! I have the feeling the mouth will bug me as well, i can be a bit of a perfectionist with that kind of thing (and as, i believe, you said…he’s not olaf if the mouth isnt right)

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