I thought I knew it…

So, I am waiting on the train to go home and I have some crochet work with me. I’m making the Carter Cable Cowl by Lakesideloops. Thought I knew the pattern by heart – but I seem to be stuck. I can’t remember in which order to crochet bpdc, bptr and fptr. I’ll need to check when I am home.


The pattern has been challenging. After having to restart twice (I had cables, or cable like things) I decided to go with the step-by-step picture pattern delivered. Worked magic. The pic below shows what I had (bottom) and what I created after starting over again.


Quite the difference!

After a couple of hours last weekend I made good progress and I’m happy I didn’t give up on it…


It’s a slower pattern to work on, because of the constant switching between stitches and the constant turning of the work, but it looks so great once you get the hang of it 🙂

On the train now. Time to stare out the window and look at a sunny landscape floating by… Enjoy your day!



    • I think it will be – it’s quite chunky yarn 🙂 One of my godchilds is turning 4 soon, it’s for her 🙂

      • That’s really true! My girl at home also doesn’t like to wear them (her fox scarf an exception), because they often feel to tight… Think a loose cowl might help with that as well!

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