Latest crochet work!

It has been a whole while that I have posted anything on my crochet wordpress site, mainly because I am transferring my travel wordpress site in a new layout ( for more info on that!).

I did manage to do some crochet work. First, I volunteered for Leggins for Life. It’s an organisation that makes leggins for disabled cats and dogs. I got assigned to make one for a lovely dog named Marley.


It turned out that it didn’t fit well – the lower part of his leg wasn’t measured up well. I’ve asked his owner a couple of times for new measurements, but so far no response there. Leggins for Life & I have agreed to wait a while – and if no more response comes, I’ll try out a new pair for another needy pet.

Then, I also finished up the rattler I was working on. I’m quite happy with the result. We haven’t been on babyvisit yet, so I don’t know what the parents will think of it!


My friend who lives in Australia asked me to make some beanies for them. I finished the first tree already: one for her baby girl (1year old), an Ninja Turtle one for her son Noah (4,5 years old) and a green one for herself. Two are on the way to Hervey Bay, one has already arrived!



DSC_0148 DSC_0162

And I also made a tablet cover for our tablet… 🙂


That’s all for now 🙂 More to come later on – I’ve still got two beanies on the way (another Ninja one, and another one for my friend) and then I’ve got the cushion covers for my parents to work on…

Hope you are all well!