Water dispenser for birds – free pattern

Yesterday I was riding my bike home from work. It was 34°C and it felt like I was biking through a gigantic hairdryer. I bike through a nature reserve and saw a lot of smaller birds fly in between the trees… and I started thinking that with these temperatures, and the fact that it hasn’t rained in a long time, they must have a hard time finding water.

And so, in between floating in my tiny swimming pool, I designed a water dispenser for small birds, to hang from our tree. It’s the kind that can be used by tits or sparrows – two species that frequent our tree often in winter time to find food hanging there.

2015-07-01 17.32.57

What do you need to create your own?

– A plastic cup, like from a yoghurt or pudding. About 9,5 cm diameter and 6,5 cm high. If possible with a slightly wider edge, so the bird can sit on it a bit.

– Yarn. I used 3 colours of Catania Grande (leftover from my smartphone cover) and needed about 50gr. This pattern is designed for a 4mm crochet hook, so choose your yarn accordingly 🙂

Pattern – in American crochet stitches

1. First colour: make a magic ring, with 8 sc in it. (8)
2. Increase each stitch (16sc)
3. (1sc, 1 increase)* 8 (24sc)
4. (2sc, 1 increase)*8 (32 sc)
5. (3sc, 1 increase)*8 (40 sc)
6. (4sc, 1 increase)*8 (48 sc)
7 – 11. 48 sc
12. Change to second colour. 48 sc
13 – 15: 48 sc
16. Change to third colour. 48 sc
17. (4sc, 1 decrease)*8 (40sc)
18. 40sc

Tuck your plastic pot inside your cover. Make sure all your loose threads are secured on the inside of your cover before you do so. There’s no need to work very neat on that, since you won’t be seeing the inside anymore.

Now, chain 20 and sc back down the chain, making sure it doesn’t twist. Attach with a slip stitch in the same stitch where  you started from. Crochet 13 sc, chain 20 again. Sc back down again, and slip stitch in the same stitch where you started from. Crochet 13 sc, chain 20 again and sc back down again. Make a final slip stitch in the same stitch where you started from and crochet untill you reach the first ‘arm’. Make a slip stitch in that stitch, fasten off your yarn and weave in the ends.

2015-07-01 20.53.25Now, in the same colour, make a slip stitch in the top stitch of one of the created arms. Join all 3 arms by making a slipstitch in each one of them, and slip stitch back in the first.
Without cutting your yarn, chain 50 and make a hdc in the 3d chain from your hook. Hdc all the way back down untill you reach the 3 joined arms, and attach your hdc cord to that by making a final slip stitch. Fasten off, cut your yarn and weave in the ends.

Now sew a small button to the top of your hdc chain, about 1cm diameter. You will use that to hang it on a tree branch; the spaces in between the hdc stitches work as button holes. Hang it from a tree and fill it up with water.

2015-07-01 21.49.54
2015-07-01 21.47.54


PS: you can make and sell items made from my patterns. Please mention my blog when selling items, or link to it when blogging about it. Don’t use my pictures as your own. Thank you for being considerate!
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      • I think it is great, and a small one will be useful for the little birdies and keep the big pigeons at bay. They seem to take over so quickly. 🙂 (We have lots of pigeons here in Johannesburg!)

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