Crochet hairclips – free pattern

I’ve been trying out new things I want to make the past few evenings, and it’s just not working. Somehow, I’m not in the flow at all at the moment.
So I decided to retreat to bed and read my book a bit. But not before I write up a quick blogpost. After all, the general idea is to keep this blog up to date, right?

A few months ago I made two sets of crochet hairclips. I didn’t know if they would be any good (meaning: they would last a while), but my little girl has been wearing them quite regularly and so far they’ve survived the toddler test 😉

2015-07-06 09.36.58

A little how-to for those who would want to make some of their own:

You need

– simple hairclips. For Belgains: I bought a set in Zeeman for absolutely no money
– matching yarn in two (flowers) or three (mandalas) colours. I used Catania, a simple cotton yarn for a crochet hook 2,5mm should do fine
– some fabric glue
– 2 clothes pegs per set

1. Flower hairclips

For the flower, I used the “cherry blossom pattern” from Repeat Crafter Me. They looked so perfect, and there’s no use to always invent something new when there’s so much good stuff online, right?
Crochet two flowers, and put some fabric glue on the round end of your hairclip. Gently press the flower onto it and put a clothing peg on it, to squeeze it tight. Leave it to rest overnight! This is a very important step- that I learned the hard way when making my first crochet magnets. If the glue doesn’t dry out enough, it will come loose.

2015-02-24 22.03.31

2. Mandala hairclips

This little pattern is my own creation 😉 Yes, sometimes you do want to try something new – right!

With the first colour, make a magic ring, with 6 sc into it.
Join the second colour. Increase each stitch, so you have 12sc in the second round.
Joint the third colour. Increase each stitch again, so you have 24sc in the third round. Fasten off your yarn, weave in ends to the middle of the mandala and cut off.

As with the flowers above, put some fabric glue on the round end of your hairclip. Gently press the mandala onto it and put a clothing peg on it, to squeeze it tight. Leave it to rest overnight, so the glue can harden out enough.

2015-02-24 22.03.40

Have fun!

PS: you can make and sell items made from my patterns. Please mention my blog when selling items, or link to it when blogging about it. Don’t use my pictures as your own. Thank you for being considerate!
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