Minion madness!

Before we went on holiday, we took Febe to the movies, to pass a rainy afternoon. We went to see the Minions – and she absolutely adored the movie. So did we actually, cute little things 😉

Ofcourse she asked to make her a minion. I started googling a bit and found a great pattern by All About Ami to crochet one of your own. Ofcourse, this pattern is designed to make Kevin, the taller and slimmer one – but my girl wanted me to make Stuart, the one-eyed fat little one. So I adjusted the pattern a bit to create him:

  • I made him a couple of stitches wider, 70 instead of 63
  • I made him less tall (15 rounds less to be accurate)
  • His pants are 1/3 or 8 rows less high
  • His arms are 18 rows high

I also crocheted the eye, following this photo-tutorial; because I’m not a big fan of using felt (mostly because I always seem to mess up when I use felt, I was super glad that the Gru-logo turned out great in ONE try!). As for the yarn, I used Catania, which is the best yarn for amigurumi if you ask me. Being 100% pure cotton it can’t start to plush, so your toy always looks like new.

He turned out super cute – even if I say so myself!

2015-08-16 20.02.21 2015-08-16 17.28.33 2015-08-18 17.08.44

After this one was finished, I started on my next project – which is also a minion one. I promised one of my colleagues to make a minion maxi-cosi toy for her nephew. It was clear that I couldn’t use this pattern: it would be too big – and way to detailed to adjust it to a tiny minion. Ofcourse, google and pinterest are always  my friend in need – and I quickly found a great mini-minion pattern. I also used Catania yarn – since it doesn’t plush it’s safe for baby mouths!

I made two minions with this pattern: Stuart, which the pattern is designed for, and Kevin. For him I adjusted the body a bit: I made him with 24sc instead of 30, and made 19 rows of yellow in full width instead of 13 and one extra blue before decreasing. Stuart was filled with a sqeeky toy and Kevin with a rattler, ensuring baby fun. I finished the rattler with wooden balls and crocheted around some of them – I actually don’t like doing that (much to tight to be a smooth crochet task), but I SO love the look of them, so I keep doing it 😉

For the maxi-cosi “line” I used thicker yarn (Catania Grande), so that the button would fit into the hdc I made. I made 24 hdc, but next time I can make that a bit thinner (I’m thinking along the lines of 18, maybe even 16), because it was a little too wide. No big deal though, I just have to wrap it around the post an extra time.

Here’s how that turned out:

2015-08-19 15.38.53

If you hop over to my Facebook page or Instagram account you can see some movies of them as well. Don’t forget to follow while you’re there 😉

That’s it for this post. Hope I’ve inspired you for some Minion craft projects!

EDIT/ June 2016

With the same adjustments I made to create Stuart, I also made a minion Bob for my niece. Same pattern, just no hair.
It’s the second minion amigurumi I make, and the second time that I realise there’s a lot of work on these – with all the details. Fun to make though, but take your time.

Here’s how he turned out!


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    • Thanks! I’m really proud of the big one. There are a lot of small details that turned out pretty well 🙂

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