A fox pacifier holder (free fox appliqué pattern)

At the beginning of summer I wanted to try out a couple of new things. So I asked my friends, family and colleagues who wanted to be a try-out for some new ideas. I wanted to create a melody toy, a maxi-cosi toy (the Minion one) and a pacifier holder. One of my best friends, Ilse, has a baby son and his birth theme is the fox. So she asked for a fox pacifier holder.


I ordered a couple of goodies to work with, amongst them wooden pearls, letters with his name on and ofcourse a clip to hold the pacifier holder to his clothes.

For those of you interested in making a fox appliqué, here’s how I created this one.

You need black, white and orange yarn. I worked with catania (100% pure cotton, as is best for babies).

° with black: magic ring with 4sc into it (4)
° switch to white yarn: (1sc + 1sc inc) *2 (6)
° switch to orange yarn: 2sc in each stitch (12)
° (1sc + 1sc inc) * 6 (18)
° 18 sc
° 18 sc
° Now close the head by forming a half circle and close that up with a row of sc
° turn, 4 sc
° turn, 1sc dec, 2sc
° turn, 1sc dec, 1sc
° Crochet 1sc in each stitch down the side of the ear you just created. When you reach the head, slip stitch to attach.
° 2 slip stitches
° 4 sc
° turn, 1sc dec, 2sc
° turn, 1sc dec, 1sc
° Crochet 1sc in each stitch down the side of the ear and attach to the head with a slip stitch.
° Cut of your yarn, leaving a long thread of approximately 30cm.

Now, with a needle, weave the thread in the back of your fox head, making your way up to ear 1. Go in the first sc of the ear, then in the third and pull your thread. This makes your ear look more pointy. Weave your way to the second ear and do the same. It might take some practise to do this, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see it does a lot of good for the ears 🙂

To finish of you embroider the inner white of the ears, always attaching your yarn to the back of the appliqué ofcourse. I used small safety eyes to finish him off (4,5mm).

To make him stand out, I crocheted a circle to put him on:
° magic ring, 6sc (6)
° 2sc into each sc (12)
° (1sc + 1sc inc)* 6 (18)
° (2sc + 1sc inc)* 6 (24)
° (3sc + 1sc inc)* 6 (30)
° (4sc + 1sc inc)* 6 (36)
I made two of those, so I could hide the stitches of the appliqué being sewn on.

ewout_1 ewout_3
I hope you like the pattern. If you decide to make anything with the fox appliqué, please let me know. I would love to see it! Fall is coming, so it’s the season… 🙂

PS: you can make and sell items made from my patterns. Please mention my blog when selling items, or link to it when blogging about it. Don’t use my pictures as your own. Thank you for being considerate!
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