Musical hippo

In the series of ‘new things I want to try out’ I made some babygifts this summer. Next to the fox pacifier holder and the minion maxi-cosy toy I’ve blogged earlier about, I also wanted to make a muscial toy. My eye fell on this free pattern of a lovely hippo.

2015-08-24 22.25.24 2015-09-06 21.38.22 2015-08-30 21.36.48

As always, I had a lot of fun making the different items and assembling them. For the musical box inside, Echtstudio was my supplier. If you don’t know the site yet and you live in the Netherlands or Belgium – check them out!

I always seem to wait untill last minute to assemble everything at once; but last Saturday I saw a friend who assembles as she goes. Once she has finished for example the main body and the two legs, she already attaches them. Seemed like a nice way to do it as well! I would love to hear about your prefence in the comments 😉

On my instagram you can see a little movie of how she turned out in the end.

On to the next project!

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