My first handbag!

If you follow my pinterest page, you already know that I have a ton of crochet handbags lined up there. I just never got around to making one … but this summer, I did!

I planned to make a blue & white one for myself, with some yarn stash I had left – but I quickly ran out of the right colours. The shop didn’t sell them anymore, and I was too lazy to order them online 😉 Febe knew I was making a handbag for myself, and wanted one for her. She chose the colours (grey, white and green) herself and I started working.

The tutorial I used was this one by laughingpurplegoldfish. The bag itself works up pretty fast – or at least it did for a toddler size 🙂 I used Catania Grande for it – which uses a 4-5 mm hook.
2015-05-29 18.10.142015-05-30 20.59.102015-06-03 19.50.39

To decorate the handbag I made a yarn hart (tutorial here) and spiked up the white layer with green stitches.

On to the handles, which are described in the handbag tutorial as well. You have to do some measuring and math here, and you need long threads of yarn that you are going to twist. I used a doorhandle to make them and they work up so well – you should really give it a go! I always find the prices of leather or wooden handlebars quite expensive, but these yarn ones are so great I think I’m going to use them a lot 🙂 I was a litle afraid of cutting them into the desired lenght, but I didn’t need to worry. They didn’t come loose at all 🙂

2015-06-24 17.35.00 2015-06-24 19.18.36 2015-06-24 20.15.55 As a final effort I lined the bag. I think it’s really necesarry to do so – you don’t want your bag to wear out too soon – after all, it does cost some time. Since I don’t have a sewing machine I did it by hand and for a first lining it turned out pretty well.

2015-06-24 22.11.41 2015-06-27 16.51.26 2015-06-27 16.51.49

I’m quite happy with the result. The only thing I should have done is make the armstraps longer. This bag fits over her shoulder, but for a 5 year old it takes too much effort to carry that for a long time. It would’ve been better if I had made them so she could wear it accross her body, hanging loosly on her hip, so she’d have her hands free and it wouldn’t slide off… I guess you always learn by doing, right? 😉


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