Crochet food

A little blogpost today about cookies. One of the first things I created was a set of cookies for my daugther, to use at teatime, in her playkitchen or in her playshop.


Up untill this day, they are still one of my favourite crochet items. They are quick to make, not hard at all (once you get the hang of the magic ring that is), ideal to use up some yarn stock and they make a great toy for your children.

The pattern is easy. You make 3 circles of the same size. Two brown (dark or light) for the cookie itself, and one in a different colour for the filling (brown for chocolate, pink for strawberry, white for vanilla, …). You get the hang of it!
You then sew the cookies together and tadaaa – done! I followed this pattern to create mine. Since it works with DC’s it’s a pretty quick project, even if I barely knew how to crochet at that time – it didn’t took me long.

Since then I also made some icecream cones for Febe – and a donut that I use as a pincushion in the crochet class at work. That blogpost needs to be written up and is probably next on my list πŸ˜‰
I think crochet food is fun to make and I have some things I would love to create for Febe to play with on my to-do list (a hamburger, a slice of pizza, a pie). If only a day had more time πŸ˜‰



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