Spiky donut

As I wrote in my last blogpost, I love to make crochet food. The donut I’m blogging about, would make a perfect toy for a playkitchen or store as well – but I made mine for the crochet class at work.

At home I have a cactus pincushion, which I love very much (you can view it here). For the crochet class at work, I let my kids decide what I should make to save our needles. They decided on a donut.

I made mine out of a pattern in a book I got, but you can find tons of free patterns on Pinterest as well – just check this search out! It’s a rather quick project to make and the ways to decorate your donut are endless. I found that the hardest part is the stuffing: it’s not that easy to make it equal, and you should stuff gradually as you sew the donut up, or it won’t work at all. Good luck!

2015-02-23 12.00.47

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