The toothfairy is coming soon!

We had a dentist appointment earlier this week. My little girl, who is 5 now, had told me over the weekend that one of her teeth was loose. I didn’t really notice it, but the dentist confirmed it. More even: there are 3 teeth loose, so one of them is bound to fall out soon.

A while ago I saw a toothfairy pillow by Repeat Crafter Me pass by on Pinterest, and I had it pinned for when the time was ready. As a nice change from the endless rows of HDC for my mums sofa cushion cover, I started on this project yesterday evening.

I had some Catania Grande in white left, which was ideal for the project. Thinner yarn would make it too small I think. After two hours it was all done 🙂

2015-10-22 22.42.582015-10-22 22.43.15 2015-10-23 06.49.25

The front is a happy face and in the back you have a pocket for the tooth and later on the toothfairy money. Our girl was very happy in the morning. She keeps wiggling her teeth, so they would fall out sooner 😉

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