Winter is coming!

After a long, warm fall season, winter is coming. This week it has been really cold. With temperatures rising only a little above 0°C, it struck me that I didn’t have a matching beanie for my ‘weekend’ coats.
You see, I bike to work. So I’m equipped with a green and pink Jack Wolfskin jacket – windproof and waterproof. Last year I made a matching beanie with that. But my coats for when I drive the car don’t really match those fancy colours. My normal winter coats are black, red or grey. I just bough a super thick cowl (black) and so I wanted a black beanie to go with that. As I was browsing Pinterest this weekend (something I tend to do a little more than is good for me) I saw this pattern passing by – and I immediately knew this was it!

I decided to stick with the pattern more or less. Sure, I had different yarn (Boston and an 8mm hook), so I had to crochet 30 rows instead of the 23 suggested in the pattern. I decided to go with the pompon, but I think it’s the first beanie I’ve ever had with one on it. It was really fun to make one – a bit excited to see if the Pinterest-trick (there we go again… ;-)) actually works, but it did. I didn’t add the brim to the beanie, because I thought it was long enough for me.

Some pictures to show the progress and the final result:

Now all we need is the first snow!

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