The beginning of our nativity scene

For my birthday I received a lot of crochet books. One of them was about making your own nativity scene. Because I had some costum orders to work on, I started rather late. I only managed to do Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in his crib this year… But I am planning on expanding it a bit every year.

The figurines are all according to the same basic pattern, with some adjustments to make on each of them (a different headband, some additional props, …). They take, like most amigurumi, about 5-6 hours to complete. Since the full set also consists of various angels, shepards and a flock, the three wise men, an ox, a donkey and even a palmtree and two camels, I’ve got some crochet fun ahead of me.

2015-12-20 17.28.40

Here you can see Mary with baby Jesus, and Joseph (without his head cover…) inspecting what would soon to be their shed.
We figured that the figurines needed their own shed as well and decided to make on of our own. Lucky my husband is creative as well, and I had a lot of material from making flowerpieces that I could use to decorate the shed.

2015-12-21 19.28.02 2016-02-05 09.50.26-1

Here you can see my husband in action, and Joseph inspecting his stall. I used the time in between to finish his headband and his stick.

2015-12-21 19.35.56 2015-12-20 18.43.03

Febe enjoyed it a lot as well. The dolls proved ideal playmates for her during the Christmas period, which made it extra fun. On the right you see a first try-out of the decorations of the shed.

And this is the final result! We were really happy with how it looked allready, and I can’t wait to continue the series. For this year I’m aiming to do the ox and the donkey, a shepherd and some sheep and maybe an angel (or two).


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