Owl keychains – part 2.0

Last year I made 10 owl keychains. You can see some of them in this older post. This year, my friend Rikke let me know she lost hers. I decided to make her a new one as part of her Christmas package.

I had been using the owls myself, and so had Maarten & Febe. I noticed some beginner mistakes that I wanted to correct now.

First of all: the eyes. For the first version I used a French knot to make them. When used as a keychain the owl slips in and out of your pocket or handbag a lot, and I noticed that the French knot came loose after a while. So I decided to use tiny owl eyes I ordered online.

Secondly: the buddy needed stuffing. I make the owls with a front and back, to hide all the loose threads. It looked great without stuffing in the beginning, but after a while they started looking sloppy. The new version is slightly filled with polyfill and looks better now. Febe has one as a schoolbagbuddy as well, so I can keep an eye on how it does after some serious toddler mishandling. After a month I can say he still looks perfect – which wasn’t the case with the first version 😉

And thirdly: I added a more sophisticated loop to attach to the keychain holder, one that’s a bit wider and will hopefully last longer.

So here is how version 2.0 looks!

2016-01-06 21.36.59

I can’t find the exact pattern I’m using anymore, I printed it out back in the days where my blogging wasn’t so organised. But I did list some other owls that look pretty similar to this one on my Pinterest board, in case you’d like to make some of your own.

Happy crocheting!





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