This blogpost is about a little handmade present I made for a good friend of mine, who lives in Germany. She has a flat overlooking Düsseldorf, and a very cosy terrace outside. She keeps a lot of plants there, has a cosy sitting area and we have spent some lovely summer evenings outside there.

When I was looking for the ideal present for her to send over for Christmas, I knew it had to be something for on her terrace. My eye fell upon a little birdhouse. Only for decoration purposes, or it would have to be a very tiny bird living in there.

It was just a blank, wooden house, and so I decided to spike it up with some yarn. I crocheted a rooftopcover, and wall covers and added a little flower to it. Most of the yarn stretched really well over the edges of the house, so I only added a bit of glue on top of the walls, to make sure that they stayed upright.

So no pattern to share this time, only a little bit of inspiration on how you can add a yarny touch to any object you see. Hope you like it!

2015-12-27 17.33.34



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