I have been wanting to have a wooden stool for quite some time now. But every stool I could find was expensive. Untill I stumbled upon one in Action, one of my favourite shops. They sell yarn, but also a lot of craft material, home decoration, …

So I stumbled upon this one, for only €13.


The search to make a nice cover could start. I had a lot of great pinterest ideas:
the very famous JipbyJan stool cover, one from Haak & Maak with a star in the centre, some colourfull mandalas or even fruit. But in the end, I decided to go with a puff flower stitch, as seen here.

I selected yarn that I had lying around – because I’m trying hard to work with the yarns I have instead of keeping on buying new stuff. So I went for light grey, dark grey and white.

The stitch is easy to create. You start with a magic circle with 7 sc’s in it, and then you add flower leaves with the puff stitch –> chain 3, crochet 5 DC in the same stitch, take of the last loop of your hook, insert your hook in the top of the chain 3 and in the top of the last DC, yarn over and pull through both loops. The pattern basically keeps on repeating this stitch, which creates a soft, puffy cover.

I altered the colours as I went, and it started looking quite good.

For the side I decided to keep it in light grey, to give it a sober look. Only, in my last row I ran out of yarn. To prevent myself from adding to my yarn stock again, I asked for some advice on Facebook and Instagram…
and decided to go with a white row. It turned out that I needed two rows of white to complete it. On the bottom I didn’t follow the pattern anymore. I tried at first, but it was too tight. So I ripped out half the final row, put the cover on and crocheted around the stool to finish off.

The finished stool is now in our sitting area. I have been using it a lot. It’s close to two windows and it’s my new favourite spot to drink an aperitive while I look outside a bit…

In the future I hope to add more yarny items into my interior. We’ve got plans to redo the bathroom, our bedroom and later on our living room, and it would be great to add my own touch to our interior this way.



  1. I love what you did. It is just so amazing. Such a difference it made. It makes me think of those very expensive interior shop items we get here, and pay a small fortune for. You are so talented to do it yourself.
    Looking forward to seeing you redo the other rooms in your home and adding your special touch to them. 🙂

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