Matching beanie and scarf

My father-in-law had his birthday yesterday. And over the weekend I made him a matching beanie and scarf as a present. We’ll be handing it over this afternoon, so I hope he’ll like it.

I searched around for a good beanie pattern for a man, and found this free one.

I did alter it a little bit. First of all, I worked with two strings of yarn and a crochet hook of 4,5 mm, instead of the 6,5 the pattern describes. The width was good, but I needed to add two more rows in the main colour before going for the first stripe.

The ribbed part (using FPDC and FPHDC) is wider in my hat as well, I used one row of DC and 3 rows of HDC instead of just 1.

This is the end result:


As you can see, I also made him a matching scarf. I used this free pattern to start off with. It’s written for Lion Brand yarn, which we don’t have around here. I decided to use 4 strands of the grey yarn, and two of the black and white yarn, so I could use the 9mm hook described in the pattern.
Instead of using a row of chains to start off with, I used the foundation hdc-stitch, which you can learn how to use in this free youtube tutorial. It works a lot better to use a foundation stitch for scarves or blankets, because it makes your edge smooth instead of tight. Since it’s the first time I used the stitch, I found my edge a bit wobbly and decided to crochet around the scarf in SC’s once finished, to make for a neater edging. It worked well!

As you can see, I made the colours come back in the length of the scarf. The white is done in SC, all the other rows are HDC.
In total I needed 20 extra foundation stitches to begin with and two extra rows to make the scarf long and wide enough. Working with a big 9 mm hook was such a relief though… I made the scarf in an hour or 3 I think 🙂



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