Easter wreath

Hello there! Been a while since I blogged, but I haven’t stopped making crochet work. I’ve just put a lot of time in our travelblog at the moment – since that’s kicking ass with more than 7000 page views each month. It takes up a lot of time, though!

The first thing I want to blog about is this Easter wreath. After having made a fall wreath and a snowman wreath before, I also wanted an Easter wreath. Repeat Crafter Me also has a spring wreath pattern, but I wanted it to be different, more for Easter. So I used her pattern as a base, but alternated bright colours (yellow, green, blue) to form the base. My first decoration was a daffodil, for which I used this free pattern. It takes up some time though, I think it’s about an hour to make one flower – but they are quite big and really beautiful!


Then I also wanted an Easter bunny. I found this cute pattern of an egg with bunny ears. After some mistreating, he was ready to go onto the wreath. I crocheted a little basket (without pattern, quite easy to make if you know the basics) and glued some eggs into it. It was starting to look like something already!

I knew I wanted a big bow on top of the wreath, but I still needed something else to make. In one of my crochet books I found a cute baby duck to make, and decided he would fit well on the wreath. I still think he’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever made…


And this is the finished wreath!


It was finished only just in time for Easter, so it only hung outside my door for two weeks this year. But I’m sure it’ll brighten my door for years to come 🙂

I’ve got some other projects finished, so some more blogposts will come soon. Hope you are all well!



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