Candleholder and hairclips

Another crochet update.In my neighbourhood there’s a handmade market at the end of June. I was trying to make 50 small items to try and sell there, but so far I’ve only gotten to about 30. I think I’ll give it a go anyway, because I don’t think I’ll be able to sell 30 items.


I made a variety of these in different colours. The candleholders are upcycling. I’m using empty yoghurt pots, add a tealight and a crochet cover, and you’ve got a stylish item for your garden table.

The hairclips are made out of a simple circle that I enlarge, in 3 different colours. I really like those with the shades of grey. They are then glued onto the hairclip. I make sure to hold them with a washpin for a whole night, to make sure there’s pressure on them and the glue will hold on tight.

At the moment I’m working on my first skirt. It’s one for Febe, in gradient blue yarn, with a sparkle in it. It looks really great already, though obviously I’m in need of some extra length. What do you think already?
If it turns out well, I’m thinking of making one for myself as well. In orange, to wear in fall. Should give me enought time to finish!



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