Beanies for down under

When spring is on it’s way in Belgium, fall is on it’s way down under. I have a friend living in Queensland, and she asked me to make two beanies for her kids. Noah is the same age is Febe, and Emilia is his younger sister. They both got to check Pinterest for the beanie they would love…

Noah is crazy about sharks, and Emilia picked a cute monster beanie.

There’s no pattern behind these beanies. When I first started crochet, beanies where amongst the first things I tried. Some research on the internet gave me some measuring tables for beanies, that I still use. I ‘freehand’ crochet the decorations on my beanies nowadays, by just looking at similar pictures on the internet.

My beanies are better now than in the beginning, due to two very important things. The first is buy good yarn. Seriously, don’t go for cheaper yarn on items that need to be worn. I made Noahs beanie with several threads of Apilou combined, and Emilia’s beanie was made with thick Boston yarn, combined with some Bravo for the decorations. All these yarns can be machine washed on 40°C, which is also an important feature for clothing.

The second reason why is measuring. I measure basically after every row, making sure the whole hat is the correct size according to the measuring chart. Sometimes that means starting over a few rows – but that’s crochet work I guess 😉

As you can see, I’m not really up to date with the blog. I made those beanies in May, and I’m updating now in December. I’m planning to add more posts over the next period and try to keep this thing up to date again in the next year. I did manage to update the starting page of the blog already, which gives you an overview of what I made this year.


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