One of my favourite things all time to crochet is play food. Probably because my daughter loves it so much, and other children do as well. And if there’s one thing fun to do, it’s transfer a smile on a childs face 🙂

Last year Santa Claus brought me the book Yummy Crochet, out of which I already made the donut. The town where we live, Eksaarde, is part of Lokeren, and the turnip is a localy grown vegetable. It is in fact on the official shield of the town, and it’s inhabitants are called “turnip eaters” (rapefretters). Enough reasons to crochet a turnip!

I wouldn’t recommend this pattern for a beginner. You often have to switch colour, because the pink and purple aren’t added in a straight line – as a real turnip is as well. I didn’t cut yarn with every switch, but that makes the inside a little hard to follow with all the various treads. I really enjoyed making this one!


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