Various candleholders

During the past years, I’ve collected many crochet books. Most of them are themed, with complete patterns. But maybe my favourite one of all is The crochet stitch bible (Betty Barnden). When you open the book, you see a set of thumbnail pictures, showing you each of the more than 200 stitches in the book. It allows you to create stuff yourself, using basic patterns and stitches. I’ve used them for crochet edgings, around blankets for example, for scarfs and now also for candleholders.

I’m a big fan of tealights. Certainly during wintertime my house is full of them, and even on a warm summer evening I like to have them on the garden table. I also love to upcycle items, so making these candleholders is a great joy for them. The glasswork is out of empty yoghurt pots.

The stitches I used are mostly net- and filetstitches, combined with a different edge. All of them are made in cotton yarn.

They work up pretty fast, about half an hour needed for one. The holes in the stitch pattern make for a lovely light when the candles are lit.

One of the things I want to try is to make some crochet jewelry as well, and I’m pretty sure that this book will come in handy then as well!


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