Popsicles – free pattern!

As I told you guys in a previous post, I love to crochet play food. For this summer, I wanted to make some popsicles. I tried out a free pattern, but didn’t like the way that turned out. By now I’ve read so many patterns, I figured out I could probably write up my own.


On the left you can see the pattern I followed. On the right is my own design. I wrote it down, and would love to share it with you guys. If you like the pattern, please share it on Facebook, instagram, twitter, whatever you use – but I would kindly ask you to link back to my blog 🙂

I used Catania (cotton) yarn, light brown for the stick and 3 bright colours for the popsicle – with a 3mm crochet hook.
When using ( ) in the pattern, that means you’ll have to repeat what’s between brackets. With inc I mean increase (two sc in the same stitch), with dec I mean decrease (crochet two stitches together). I hope this pattern is clear, if not you can always contact me!

  1. Chain 9
  2. Start in the second chain from your hook, crochet single crochets in the round, using the front and the back of your chain (16 stitches in total).
  3. (3sc, 1sc inc) * 4 (20 stitches)
  4. (3sc, 1sc inc) * 5 (25 stitches)
  5. (4sc, 1sc inc) * 5 (30 stitches)
  6. 30sc
  7. 30sc
  8. 30sc
  9. 30sc
  10. Switch colour. Crochet 7 rounds of 30sc in this colour.
  11. Switch colour again. Crochet 7 rounds of 30sc in this colour.
  12. Slip stitch and fasten off.

Now you will crochet the bottom of your popsicle. Use the same colour as the one you ended with.

  1. Chain 12.
  2. Start in the second chain from your hook, 11 sc, turn.
  3. Chain 1, 11 sc, turn.
  4. Chain 1, 11 sc, turn.
  5. Crochet 1 sc around, placing two sc’s in the corner stitches. Fasten off and leave a long thread for sewing.

Fill up your popsicle with fiber fill, and sew the bottom onto it.

Now you will make the stick:

  1. Using light brown yarn, make a magic circle with 8 sc into it. Crochet in the round untill you think the stick is long enough (I used 9 rounds).
  2. Fill it with a bit of fiberfill and sew it to the bottom.
  3. All done!

If you decide to make one or more popsicles of your own, please share your pictures with me on Facebook – I would love to see them! If you are on Ravelry, please check out my design page: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/catstitches

You can also download this pattern as a PDF!!


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