When we redecorated Febe’s room (see this older post), I already made a grey flagline for her. I decided to remake it, using some pastel colours I had still left. For many projects I prefer using cotton yarn, but these flaglines are really great in bravo, which is an acrylic yarn that you can use with a 3-4 mm hook.

The flagline is really easy to make. You start with a chain of 3, where you crochet two sc stitches into. Then you turn, chain 1 and you double each first and last stitch on the row. You keep on doing that untill your flag is big enough.


To hang these flags up, I always crochet a line of hdc’s into a basic chain. I sew two bottons to the edges of the line, that are small enough to fit in between two hdc ‘holes’. That way you can costumize where you hang the flagline; you can wrap it around a smaller or bigger object and put the buttons in where needed. Just make sure your end is long enough if you need to wrap it around a bigger item sometimes (like a tree branch or something similar).


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