A skirt for Febe

A couple of years ago I created a bucket list for this crochet blog. One of the things that I would love to try out, was a skirt for Febe. I’ve seen so many gorgeous patterns pass by on Pinterest, that I just wanted to make one for her.

For my birthday I got a gift voucher for my favourite yarnstore… and I decided to go for a more expensive type of yarn, the Batiko Sun from Schachenmayr. At first I wanted to make a poncho out of it for me. But then I thought I would probably never wear it in that colour. So I decided to go for a skirt for Febe.

I saw a great video tutorial from WoolyWondersCrochet, and decided to go for it.


I started measuring and working up the pattern. It looked really pretty in this type of yarn, but it turned out to be way too wide for Febe. Despite the measuring and the gauge, I still struggled with the size.

Starting all over again was the only option to go with actually. Do not be mistaken, although the picture above shows only a small piece of skirt, this is actually already a couple of hours work…


The second time I had more luck with the size of the skirt. When I finished it, it looked perfect on Febe. But… after wearing it for a day, it started to fall down a bit too low on her hips. In the end my mother-in-law made a lining into it, which tightened the skirt up a bit, and makes sure it doesn’t stretch out that much anymore.


As you can see, my little girl wears it with much pride now. It was a hard thing to do, so I’m not sure weather I’ll quickly go up that road again. But it is nice to see your girl in a handmade skirt 🙂


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