A selfmade bib

Two summers ago, I loaned a sewing machine from work. We have a sewing class as a lunchtime activity for the kids in school, and I always wanted to try my hand at sewing.

The only thing I was able to create in my two months holiday was this bib… 🙂 Basically I did a lot of things that summer, and only thought about the sewing machine when it was almost time to get back to work. I did like to make it… but it was a bit blank. So last summer I decided to pimp it a bit with some appliqués.


I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. At the moment I have no further plans of developing my love for sewing. The machine needs to be put up in a seperate room, where preferably you also have the space to keep an ironing board. Even if I would create the room for that upstairs, I would only find the time to sew when Febe is in bed – and those machines make a lot of noise. So for now, I’ll stick to crochet!


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