Smartphone pouches

One of the most fun and practical projects you can make with yarn are smartphone pouches. I have made quite a few since I started crochet a couple of years ago.

The first one I did was a grey one, of which I also made a blue version. It was crocheted as two rectangles that you attach to eachother. Not the best way to make one as I discovered along the way, but I do like them.

The best way to do make them is to start as followed:

  • make a chain that is a little less wide than the smartphone you are making
  • now crochet around the chain, placing two sc’s in the corner stitches. So you want to crochet something like this: sdr
  • now you continue to crochet in the round untill your project is high enough. You can make colour switches as you go, or use buttons and ribbons to make your project more personal.

I’ve used the same approach to make a pouch for our tablet as well. Those devices are a bit thicker, so to start with you might want to crochet a single row of sc’s into your chains, and then start going in the round, like you see below.


Above left: the tablet pouch. Right top: the difference between the first smartphone pouch I made and the one with the above technique. In the middle: one I made with hdc instead of sc – not a very good option. Sc makes it nicer. Bottom: one I made for a friend of my mother in law; with nice fall colours in small stripes.

Have fun!


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