Ok, it has been a while since I blogged here… Again 😉 Always a struggle to keep this up to date!

This time  I’m blogging about something I made last September, for the birthday of one of Febes best friends. Him and his brother celebrated their birthday together. We bought a board game for them, but I wanted to make something more personal as well. One of the boys got Arlo and for the other one I made a Pokeball. I found a stunning free pattern by Aradiyatoys, a woman who makes a lot of cute Pokémon (check out her instagram !).

Now while here Pokeball looks stunning, mine looks a bit wobbly. I wasn’t a 100% satisfied with it… but had no time left to make a new one. The boy was very happy with it though – but my perfectionist self still struggles with it! *haha*


I do know what the “problem” with this one is. I didn’t use the right yarn… The ball from the pattern is clearly made with thin cotton. I used a thicker acryl yarn, called Bravo. You use a 3-4 mm hook for this. I love this yarn to work with, but it’s not the best for amigurumi I guess 😉 Although, it depends – because Arlo was made with Bravo as well – and he turned out quite good!

I’ll be back soon with another post, because I missed blogging here. Tonight I will start a new project as well. I’m going to make my own lamp for in our hallway. Got it all figured out in my head – now I just hope it will all work out when I start making it. Should be a fun project, and if it works… I might just redo all lamps in our house then *lol*

Have a wonderfull day!



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