Ok, I admit it, dear readers… I am running behind on this blog. However… I’ve got the intention to get it up to date once again.

I have been a bit behind on crochet work the past few months as well, but I’m picking up my pace again since last week. I’ve been at home for 3 weeks with a rupture in my ligament, and although I work from home on what I can now (they can’t get a replacement at work), I still have some extra time to fill up with creative stuff. I’ve been making some cute amigurumi’s lately – but you’ll have to wait for those (unless you follow my instagram). It’s a birth-gift for a friend who’s pregnant, and who doesn’t have instagram. But she might follow this blog, I’m not sure. So let’s just keep that one a secret here for a little while longer… 😉

I’m taking you back to last November, when I was still preparing for the Christmas market in our town. I had made some cute snowflakes before to decorate pillows and this time I wanted to make Christmas ornaments out of them.


I started out with these little flakes, which are super easy to make. I used white catania for them, because they need a rather fine thread to work out well.

I also made some bigger ones, as  you can see below. I pinned them to boxes, and thinned some fabric glue with water to stiffen them. You have to carefully apply the mixture to the stars, and then maybe sprinkle some glitters onto them (as I did). Afterwards you will have to let them try out for at least 12 hours (I always did 24 just to be sure).


You should have seen my living room at the time. The table and cupboard where covered with boxes who had stars pinned to them 😉 They turned out great though!

As always, I used some free patterns from Pinterest:
small snowflake (the third size from the moss snowflake)
big snowflake pointy
big snowflake round

If you are a fan of crochet snowflakes, you’re really have to check out . If this doesn’t bring you in the Christmas mood – even if it’s summer now – nothing will!


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