Enlarging my first pattern

A friend of my niece was pregnant this winter. As a gift she asked me to make a musical toy for the baby. You can find great music boxes to put into your crochet work online (like here for instance, sometimes even washable and all). She wanted it to be a cat, and so I picked this cute pattern on Pinterest.

However, the pattern turned out to be smaller than I thought. And there was no way I could fit the music box inside it…


So I started to enlarge the pattern, by writing it down and enlarging each row step by step. This was harder than I would have thought at first. See the top right picture above – the top of the head didn’t look at all that symmetric as it should’ve been.

So I did it all over again. Lot’s and lot’s of thinking and googling stuff online, I came up with a pattern that actually worked out. I had A LOT of help by reading this blogpost:
http://myskillsguide.blogspot.be/2012/07/how-to-enlarge-amigurumi-technique.html . Be sure to check it out if you ever want to enlarge an amigurumi!

Ofcourse you can use a larger hook and tread as well – but I really wanted to have the look of using catania and a 3 mm hook. In the end it was worth it, but all the numbers nearly made me go crazy. What do you think of the final result? Let me know in the comments!

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