Chair cozies

You know, those little round things you put underneath your chairs, so they don’t make that scrapy noise across your floor (or damage it, if you don’t have a stone one?). These things I mean:


Well, we had them. And they kept coming loose after a while. So I figured I would make chair cozies. I used some grey Catania Grande I had lying around (I’m in the fase where I want to use all my yarn stock so in the future I don’t have that much yarn lying around… yeah, I know, I’m still thinking that’ll actually work out, somehow).

Our chairs in our living room are white, and our couch is grey, so I figured it would match out. I started out by crocheting a simple set of rows, to create the rectangle that my chair legs have at the bottom.

Then I made a round of sc all the way around the rectangle, also on the sides, and continued to crochet sc in the round just up untill the right height. It wasn’t a lot of work, and it looked really good on the chairs.


I did notice in the first week I was using them, that when the chair was lifted instead of pulled back, the cozies would slip off. So I used some glue to glue them onto the chair legs. After all, those irritating round things I mentioned earlier are glued on as well. We are now 6 months down the road, and they still look great. Even though these chairs are used a lot (3 times each day for meals, and often in between when Febe is doing homework, or we are blogging or working from home), they still haven’t been torn or anything. So for me, this is a project that was well worth it. And if they ever do break down, I’ll just make some new ones…

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