Heart of roses

In january 2016 my mum died unexpectedly. I’m writing this blogpost a year and a half later and I still can’t really grasp the fact that she’ll never be around anymore. It’s heavy, losing a parent. Sometimes I think I’m passed the worst part of grief, but that’s only when I don’t think about it. When I start thinking about it, I know I’m actually not there yet. Not at all.

Anyway, I wanted to make something to put on mums grave. Flowers are pretty on a grave, but unless you actually go there on a daily base, there’s not much use putting them there. I wanted something that would last a while.

So I decided to decorate something she once gave to me, a ceramic white heart. I think it’s supposed to be for snacks, but it’s so thin we didn’t really use it. But it’s a beautiful heart, so I decided it would be perfect to give it back to her, in a way.

As you know, I’m a Pinterest addict, so my rose pattern came from there as well. You can find it yourself, it’s a free pattern to use. I made roses in four types of colours, and in the end decided to make just a couple of leaves as well.


I then glued each rose to the ceramic using hot glue. Unfortunately, the hot glue didn’t last long. The roses do remain in the heart shape, but they are loose. I keep saying to myself that I should take it back home again and try fixing them again – but I have no idea which type of glue would work well. After all, when it rains, water will stay in the bowl…


Here’s how it looks on my mothers grave. I put it there last February and the colours have withered a bit since then, but overall it still looks great. I’m happy with the result. Just wished this wasn’t something I’d have to make for her…

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  1. It is beautiful, and the perfect gift to your Mom.
    It may take you a while, or long, to come to grasps with it. I lost my Mom many years ago, and I still have odd days that I just think about reaching for the phone for a call, specially when the mind is running busy. It was such a natural thing to do, I think subconsciously I still do it. šŸ™‚
    Take care.

    • Thanks. I do miss my daily chats with her a lot. She lived next door, so there was no need for the phone. I still can’t understand that she’s gone. It’s weird. It’s like my mind refuses to accept it somehow…

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