The latest for our nativity scene

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while now, know that in 2015 I made the first part of our nativity scene. We even made the shed ourselves with material we had lying around the house. It was big fun, and it looked a little bit like this:

2015-12-21 21.23.23

Because the whole scene was a bit much to crochet all at once, I decided I’d add something to it each year. So this year, I started making the donkey.


The patterns I use are from a book by Christel Krukkert (only available in Dutch), and ofcourse paid patterns – so the link to these I can’t share with you. It takes a while to make each figure, as always with amigurumi – but I’ve fallen in love with that part of crochet a long time ago and I will probably always enjoy making that the most…

Donkey looked great when looking into the shed 😉 On the left you can see him before I trimmed his manes…

This year I’ll normally add the ox. Next year maybe a sheep and a shepherd.  I’ve also been thinking about adding a start on top of the shed as well… We’ll see!

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